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How to Blend several Curve Follow Project together


I'm trying to link several curve follow path program together to have different orientation along the path without stopping and having a continuous motion.

I've try to remove the approach and retract and add a radius on each curve follow project as well as in the main program which bundle them together.

Let me know if there is a way to do so

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You can increase the "Join curve tolerance" to a large value. This will consider 2 curves that are separated as the same curve.
Thanks Albert, I've tried this but it seem to still pose between curves. 

Merge curves works if you want to keep the same normals between them. Is there is a way to keep the norms of each curves and adjust the Yaw of the Norl so it align from one curve to another?
You can edit curve normals by following these steps:
  1. Select Tools-Modify curves
  2. Click on the curve normal to edit them (spheres that show up). You'll be able to edit the normal with a second click.
  3. Select Constant interpolation if you want the normal edits to apply to the whole curve normals.
  4. Increase the interpolation strength to make this edit uniform.
  5. You can lock the projection to be Perpendicular or Tangent.

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