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How to connect/run Mitsubishi RV-3SD from PC


Our customer would like to know if someone tried running Mitsubishi RV-3SD directly from RoboDK.
The controller CR1D-700 has two ports(USB2.0 and RS232), and he uses the controller offline.

He tried the connection, RoboDK - ToolBox2(Mitsubishi simulator) -RV-3SD, but the best way for him is to connect the PC with the robot without ToolBox2.

Any advice or information will be appreciated.
We only tested the Mitsubishi driver with an Ethernet connection. I don't think our driver works with an RS232 connection. It could work with a USB connection if it emulates an Ethernet/socket connection.

Does the controller have an Ethernet port?

If you have an Ethernet port and an assigned IP it would be better to use that connection.

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