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How to create a Circular path

Hi All,
I modify the CAD import setting from the option windows. Because I need the software detect the round tube(see the attached picture in red cycle).We need to make a laser cutting project.
From the view, we can it looks like a round tube.But when I create a curve and  a curve follow project. After my modify and export. I found the program is made by so many points but NOT a Circular movement.You can check the src file in the attached.
How can I create a real Circular curve in RoboDK??
If the system can not detect the real Circular, I try to use the solidworks to create the path.
But unfortunately, I can not find any way to create a path or a CNC path in solidworks.
Can you help?

Attached Files
.src   Path1.src (Size: 24.98 KB / Downloads: 441)
Hi KP_Yim,

In the Solidworks plugin, open the settings window and reduce the linear tolerance.
It will increase the number of points created.
If you create enough points side by side you don't need to use the circular movement.


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