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How to create a cutting line on object

Dear all,

I am a beginner in the robodk. I am learning how to simulate the robot cell by using the Tool Interface. In my example, I want to use robot UR5 with a cutting tool (the spindle is used as a cutting tool in this example) to cut the surface of the object. The purpose is cutting the object according to a cutting line that is assigned on the surface of the object (as shown in the attached picture).  But the cutting line is randomly assigned by clicking various points on the surface of the object. By doing this, I do not know the exact position of cutting lines on this object.
My question is: how can I assign the correct position of cutting lines on the object?

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Hi thanhn16, 

There are a few solutions to your problem. 

The first one is the simplest, but require a bit more manual work. You need to know, according to your CAD file, the positions (x,y,z) of all the points you want to reach. You can then create your targets and correct their position accordingly. 

The second one requires that you extract the path you want from your CAD software and import it has an object. After that you will be able to create a Curve follow project (Utilities -> Curve follow project).

The last solutions will be released soon, we are developing plugin for CAD software. That solution is close the second one, except that you will be able to export the part and the path directly from your CAD software to RoboDK. RoboDK will then automatically create the Curve follow project

See the example station I attached this post. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions. 


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.rdk   Follow path UR5.rdk (Size: 548.32 KB / Downloads: 594)
You can now see our plugin for Solidworks in this video : 

It's allowing you to import CAD objects or path directly from your CAD software. 


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