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How to create a tool

Hi everybody,

very nice and powerful software !

I'm using the trial version, and want to make a simulation with a UR10. I have designed a grinding tool with Solidworks, and want to use it in my simulation.
I tried to insert my assembly in stl or in stp format, by I didn't succed to place it on the robot fllange.

How can I do to do it?

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Hi Raymond,

Follow these steps to convert an object into a tool:
1-Open the 3D file in RoboDK (drag & drop to the main screen, or use File->Open)
2-Drag & drop the object into the robot item (inside the objects tree). The object will be automatically converted into a tool.
(the procedure is similar to RobotStudio)

You can reconvert any tool into an object by placing it back to a reference frame.
You should be able to import STL, STEP and IGES format without problems.

[Image: robot-forum-img1.png]

[Image: robot-forum-img2.png]
The following video shows how to create a robot tool:

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