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How to create two curve follow projects with one Python script

I have a Python script that creates a curve, projects it, and then creates a curve follow project which works perfectly. 

I'm now trying to incorporate another curve follow project in the same script - this script adds another curve (but does not project it). 

When I run the script, it creates one curve follow that follows the first path, but the second follows the first and second curve that I created and connects them, but I want this curve follow to only follow the second made curve. 

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
When you automatically create a curve follow project using setMachiningParameters and providing a part, this operation automatically selects the object curves in the same order they were created using AddCurve.

If you want to automatically select only the second curve, it would be better to create a second object with just the curve you want to use in your curve follow project.
I do have a section of the script that is meant to create a duplicate copy of the part and add the curve to this copy. After finishing the initial curve follow project I have another I used the RDK.ItemUserPick() function that asks to pick which object and which curve, but right now when I run the script these aren't popping up and it automatically picks the first curve.

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