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How to created 3R wirst robot

Hi everyone:
 I download TX250 painting robot stp file from Staubli website. I tried to creat  this robot. But I have a issue when I set D-H parameters.  joint5,6 can not normal movement!I do not kown where is wrong. Infact I have no ideal  how to set D-H parameters about 3R  wirst  robot. I share TX250.STP and my created TX250.robot file .can you help me fix this?

Attached Files
.stp   TX250PAINT_PRESERIAL-HB-WS.stp (Size: 9.12 MB / Downloads: 283)
.robot   Staubli TX250.robot (Size: 1.73 MB / Downloads: 386)
.pdf   4P_TXPaint250.pdf (Size: 1.77 MB / Downloads: 343)

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