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How to make a mechanism with 2 colinear axis?


I have a mechanism, a gripper with 2 pneumatic cylinders:
1 is used to open/close 1 of the gripper's jaws (axis #1)
1 is used to adjust the size (opening) of the gripper (axis #2), to pick up small or longer parts.

Both cylinders are colinear, independant and opposed.
See attached picture, showing the 2 blue air slides.

I can make a single linear axis mechanism- no problem, for the jaw.
However a 2 linear axis seems not possible, as the only option is a 'T' bot with 2 perpendicular linear axis.
How do I make a 2 linear axis mechanism with the 2 axis parallel?

Hey fennex,

A very late reply but found a solution to this problem and wanted to share if someone else has same issue.
Steps to make mechanism with 2 colinear axis:
1) Create 'T bot' mechanism with your objects.
2) Open mechanism control panel which you just created.
3) Next to the mechanism name in the panel, press "Parameters" button (top right corner). Parameters window will open.
4) Check "Unlock advanced options" checkbox
5) Now you can modify joints parameters under "Kinematic parameters". Change "a (deg)" of second joint (J2) to 0.0
6) Press "OK" button

Now you should have 2 linear axis which moves in the same direction.
NOTE: Joints are nested. So if J1 moves, J2 moves together

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