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How to model a 2DOF XY with a parallel 1DOF RZ together?

I build two mechanisms in a RoboDK station: a 2DOFs linear XY stage and a separate external 1DOF rotational RZ stage. Is it possible to combine the two stages into a single 3DOFs system? The two stages are parallelly connected to the same base frame, not stacked in series (otherwise I could have used the "4 axes mobile robot (AGV)" mechanism and simply not use the 4th DOF along the Z-axis). 

The 3DOFs are to act synchronously and I would like to be able to use a single target to define all 3DOFs, rather than having to add a first target for the XY stage and a second target for the RZ stage.

I tried synchronizing the two mechanisms, but neither of the two is recognized as a robot in the synchronize external axis menu. Any ideas?

Kind regards,

It is better to use the 4-axes mobile robot type of mechanism to model an XY table with a rotation.

You can simply block the vertical axis by setting the travel to 0 mm or something very small (such as 0.1 mm so that you can calculate the inverse kinematics without issues).
But what if the rotational RZ axis is not stacked in series on top of the XY stages, but they are parallel and attached to the same base? For example, how could a spinning lathe be modeled? (RZ being the main spindle and the XY stages positioning the turning tool.)

Kind regards,

Oh I understand better what you mean now. We once did something custom for a customer. It is better if you contact us by email with the 3D models and a sketch and we can try to figure out a solution.

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