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How to replace a tool, keeping targets & programs intact

Hi, is it possible via the API to replace one (gripper) tool by another, and leave all related targets and programs intact? 

E.g. I have tool A on a robot in a station, with 2 targets for open and close. I have two subprograms, to open and close the gripper, and they're called by various higher level programs. Now I would like to replace tool A by a new tool B, that could be loaded from a robot file with a different STEP geometry and possibly a different gripper stroke. I want to automate this replacement and avoid having to manually relink all the targets and programs to the new tool B.

Do you have any recommendations on how to accomplish this? Should I add a new tool B, find all the relations from Tool A and update the links to Tool B, and remove tool A? Or could I somehow modify tool A including its STEP geometry and parameters to de facto turn it into tool B?

Best regards,

You can iterate through your programs and link your tool changes to the correct tool using the attached sample script.

This is currently not possible using the UI or using the API with one command. We'll keep this as a suggested improvement for future updates.

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