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How to retrieve two targets with the same name?

How can two targets with the same name be retrieved as separate items via the API?

I know I can retrieve a target item via its name 'tar01':

item = RDK.Item('tar01',ITEM_TYPE_TARGET)

But suppose I have two different targets in the station tree with the same name, 'tar01', which could be linked to a different robot in the same station. How can I retrieve both as separate items?

Best regards,

Having multiple targets with the same name is not a good premise.
You are kind of asking for trouble.

But anyway.

You can retrieve all the items in your station with ItemList.
Then you can iterate through the items and look for all the ITEM_TYPE_TARGET is name "Your_Name".

You can then retrieve the robot linked to the target with ".getLink()"

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Thanks Jeremy, using ItemList() will work for me!

I understand it's recommended to avoid two targets with the same name, but it is a plausible situation I can see occurring e.g. when copy-pasting in a station. In fact I could now use ItemList() to check for double use of the same name for any item and issue a warning or automatically apply some changes.

Thanks again,


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