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How to save tool and base number for program?


I have created a path with Curve follow project and generated a program using that path. However, I haven`t been able to save tool and base numbers for programs so I have to modify them every time after code generation.

Is there a way to define that all the programs in this station use for example Tool 16 and Base 19?
Hi, Ophakala

You can change postprocessor. When you generate the code, there will always be Tool 16 and Base 19
Hi ophakala,

Can you provide more details?
You can right click on the programs -> add Instruction -> Set Tool/Reference frame Instruction with the Tool 16 and Base 19 for exemple.

I tried to modify the post processor but it didn`t convert the chosen tool and base data to program, probably because my poor python skills.  Setting tool instruction chose the right tool but tool data wasn`t converted in this situation either.

However, I managed to "lock" tool and base numbers when I wrote Tool 16 and Base 19 in tool and base names respectively in feature tree. After that right tool and base data was used in programs.

Maybe my question was a little misleading but thanks for your replies anyway!

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