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How to show text? The "/" do not work


My version is v5.4.3 and I have some issue with getting the text of my rob position and frames. I am trying to hit the "/" icon above the "8" number on the keypad. 

I have also tried to click "View" --> "Show/hide text on screen". 

No matter what, the text do not appear. Any suggestions?
Do you have any active application and can you share the station?
Are you using the default settings?
You could select Tools-Options and select "Set default settings". Then, rebooting RoboDK should display text by default.

If you change the settings to show the tree opaque you may not see the text. We have a plugin that you can load to properly show the tree opaque and still see text on the 3D view (PluginUIAdditions).
I had the same issue, was driving me nuts. Switching the to the transparent tree structure fixed the issue for me.

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