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How to simulate extrusion for 3D printing?



The attached image shows the extruder simulated with (I believe a Python add-on).
Does RoboDK simulate the extruder and the extrusion without an add-on?

How would I make the GUI to simulate the extrusion or does it already exist?

Thank you,
Hi Marce,

You can use the ArcStart and ArcEnd macros that you will find here : C:\RoboDK\Library\Macros

It will drop points wherever the TCP of the robot goes.
Activate it when you start printing and stop it when you finish using the "Program events" option of your 3D printing project.

Have a great day.
Will try it out.

Thank you!
I attached a sample project that shows how to show the robot trace for 3D printing.

Attached Files
.rdk   IRB120 3d print.rdk (Size: 2.13 MB / Downloads: 705)
Hi Albert,

I don't know enough to make this work.
Could you please review the attached image and let me know how to fix or where to learn more?
I've read:
Hi Marce,

You simply have to copy and past the "Extruder" python script from Albert's example to your station, then copy the "Extruder(-1)" commands that are in the 3D printing project -> "Program evens" (right column) from the example.

Nothing too complicated here. 2 copy and paste and you should be good.

Have a great day.
Hi Jeremy,

I understand your instructions but Python results in an error (listed below).
What am I missing?
Python script failed returning 1
traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:/Users/RatCat/AppData/Local/Temp/", line 20, in
from robolink import * # API to communicate with RoboDK
File "C:\RoboDK\Python\robolink\", line 7, in
module = loader.find_module(name).load_module(name)
File "C:\RoboDK\Python\robolink\", line 39 in
from enum import IntFlag
ImportError: cannot import name 'IntFlag'

Python script output

Thanks & Merry Christmas,
Hi Jeremy,

Got it - just needed to install the most current version!


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