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How to solve IK for a given TCP


I would like to use the API to find all joint configurations that will move the TCP to a target. If I use SolveIK() or SolveIK_All() the resulting joints put the flange at the target. Any ideas welcome. 

Or maybe there's a better way to do what I'm trying to do, so I'll explain.. I have a series of matrices describing a tool path. The robot can get to t1, t2, t3 but can't get to t4 from t3 with a linear move using the configuration it was using for t1 - t3 (I guess the preferred configuration). So I need to find a configuration that is valid for all matrices. For example, if I start the robot with the elbow down, and then do MoveL for each pose, it works. I need to figure out what that configuration is, using the API, before the robot starts the move.



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