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How would I setup a 5D Printing Project


I'm comfortable on being able to set-up a basic 3D printing project but would like to know how I would go about setting up a 5-axis printing project where the tool head follows the curved geometry of the surface it is printing.

You mention in the documentation that this is possible, but I cannot manage to work out how to do so? 

I use Fusion360 to model the pieces if that is of any use. 

What is your current approach for achieving 3D printing with RoboDK?

If you're using a curve-follow approach, then you should be able to detect the curves normals with RoboDK's path planning tools. If you're importing a pre-existing toolpath using a G-code file, then the I, J and K values must be included for each G1 command with their proper values for the normals to be detected by RoboDK. Otherwise, the normals with be vertical.

I hope this helps.

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