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I changed DH param and this happens


I have changed DH parameters (replaced them with calibrated values) and for a given target, the result is different for different configurations. And going back and forth to two configuration, it does not give the same pose every time.

See attached video.

Is it a bug?
If not, am I supposed to calibrate the robot by not changing DH values? Then how to update robot's kinematics with calibrated values? 
I have calibrated this robot without using RoboDK calibration module.

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How did you "calibrate" the robot exactly?

I have used camera and checker board, which of course includes hand-eye calibration.
I guess your question is what level of calibration.
I did a level 2 calibration. Joint offset (delta theta) and link length and offset (a and d) and alpha as well. Let's say I changed almost all of the DH parameters! I understand my robot does not have a closed form IKP and RoboDK is solving numerical inverse.

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