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IGUS Robolink integration

Dear RoboDK Team,
is there a plan to implement the Robolink Series of Igus to your Software?
I think it’s very interesting to combine the low-cost robots of Igus with the RoboDk software, because the in-house software of Igus does not allow to do collusion test etc.

Best regards,
Hi Johannes,

We can integrate your igus robots in the library. We need the STEP or IGES files of the robots. A PDF specification would also help.

Also, I noticed that these robots are mostly 4 and 5 axes. Are there 6 axis robots?

Hello Albert,

thank you so much. I had contact with a guy from Igus who will contact you to talk about the robots.

Best regards
Can you please add the drylin Delta Roboter?
The CAD files are available:

Many thanks and best regards

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