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ISO G-Code output program

Hello every one
I'm new in this forum and i should to confess that i found this software very professional and interesting for realize an industrial robot to make it work in an industrial enviroment...

i build a five axis robot with a high velocities and aceleration bacause i use bldc motors, harmonics reducers and cycloidals reducers too... and the result is very impresive, at least for me [Image: smile.png]

But as you know if i doesn't have a good software to make it work, i will lost the 50% of the potential of the robot.

Actually i have a plc cnc controller connected to the drivers, and i'm working with gcodes (ISO), so my question is:

Is possible to get (after to do all configuration about the geometri of the robot, speeds, ETC) a program write in gcode (iso language) to download in the plc cnc controller?

i meant : G01 F25000 X20 Y0.5 Z10 A5 B10
              F100 G04
              G00 X0 Y40 Z5 A5 B300
              F150 G04
              F100 G04
              G01 F 30000 X5 Y10 Z10 A10 B0
              F100 G04
              G00 X0 Y40 Z5 A5 B300
              F100 G04
              G01 F 30000 X5 Y10 Z10 A10 B0
an so on...

Thanks guys for your support
It should work, we already have a post-processor generating a pretty generic type of GCode. 


More info on post-processor here:
Find useful information about RoboDK and its features by visiting our Online Documentation and by watching tutorials on our Youtube Channel

Hello jeremy, thanks for your help, i really apreciate that, i'll do all the steps for configure my robot and i'll let you know how is going on.

thanks again
Hi guys, i have one question, is posible to use some vision system to said to the robot the position of an object to pick, that change position each time? there is any advise that you can give me for this? like some project done or some video camera to use?
You can use the RobotDK API to carry out any external interface with RoboDK.
In RoboDK, you should be able to simulate cameras using the UI and the API.
Example using the API:

Hope this helps you.

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