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Import 2D Layout in RoboDK


We are testing RoboDK, and we have the doubt of how to import a 2D planning of a future installation, to position all the elements in their correct place before making simulation. How can I import a CAD plan, dwg or similar into RoboDK for this purpose?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Alex, 

That's a very good question and I never really looked into it before today. 
It clearly wasn't possible a year ago, but with version 5.0+ came the possibility to import .png file.

So that got me an idea.
I create a simple rectangle using Fusion and created a 2D drawing out of it. 
Saved it as a PDF. 
From PDF, I exported it to .png, and from there to RoboDK. 


I had a scale of 1:10 in the CAD software, so I double-clicked the drawing in RDK -> More options -> Scale -> 10.

I picked up the measurement tool and looked at the rectangle dimensions and they were just fine. 


One little trick here, to save texture (png) you need to go to "Tools"->"Options"->"Station" and activate these options. 


The only issue I found is that the png needs to be quite small. 
It worked very well with a 7KB drawing, completely killed the performance with a 32KB one...

Hope it helps.
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Hi Jeremy,

Thank you for your answer. I have to test your way, but I tested another: if I can save/convert a dwg file as IGES, I can import as object on RoboDK (the same way as in old ABB RobotStudio). The main issue is the number of layers of the dwg, sometimes RoboDK is not capable of importing all layers.

I will keep trying. Thank you very much.

I was just about to ask about DWG converting/importing. I will try do this, @LCotta

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