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Import Apt File

I am trying to evaluate this software for our company. We are planing to purchase a Universal Robot to do sanding operations on curved parts. I was thinking of creating the toolpath in our CAM software and import it into RoboDK. It appears as this is a function but at this point I am using the free license and this is not available. I am wondering if anyone else is using this functionality and if so, how well does it work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi jcforme, I would like to send you a private message, but it seems like you unchecked that option.

We can provide you with an evaluation license for a month, but we need to do that via email. You can send me your email address via private message and I'll contact you afterwards.

To answer your question quickly, I'm helping users do that pretty much every day and it works pretty well in my own opinion (It's the robot engineer in me talking, not the RoboDK employee.)

Have a great day.

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