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Import Models from Rhino


I am trying to import a large number of brick models from Rhino 3D into the RoboDK work station. I need each brick to have a unique name in RoboDK so that I can identify them for the attach/detach simulation events. Is it possible by using the RoboDK plugin for Rhino? 

Or can you suggest other solutions?

Thank you!
You should be able to rename items automatically using the API. For example, after you load one or more 3D models you can trigger a script that will take the last loaded 3D model and change the name iteratively.

The script could be something like this:

# Start the RoboDK API
from robolink import *
RDK = Robolink()

# Retrieve all objects (3D models)
allparts = RDK.ItemList(ITEM_TYPE_OBJECT)

# Get the part with the non unique name
part = RDK.Item("Rhino Part", ITEM_TYPE_OBJECT)

# Keep a part ID for each object
part_id = len(allparts)

# Iterate while we find a valid part with a neutral name
while part.Valid():
   part_id = part_id + 1

   # Set the name of the object
   part.setName("Part " + str(part_id))

   # Get the new part
   part = RDK.Item("Rhino Part", ITEM_TYPE_OBJECT)

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