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Import Targets and programs from other roboDKfiles

Hello, I have some simulations I am working on that we have different files for, but some of my robots and points are common to older simulations we have done. It was less work to set up a fresh cell then it was to copy and modify the old one. Is there a way to import my programs and targets from one file to the other? 

Even with having both RoboDK files open, the clipboard data does not seem to be shared outside of that instance of RoboDK.

Hi Andrew, 

There's away, but it's a bit tricky. 

First, make sure that this option is activated:

1 - Open both stations in the same RoboDK instance. 
2 - Double click "station folder" of the station you want to copy data from in your "tree". This will open the said station.
3 - Select and "Ctrl-C" the data.
4 - Double click "station folder" of the station you want to copy data to in your "tree". This will open the said station.
5 - Paste the data. 

This should work. 

One thing you might still need to do is "relink" the targets with the robot. 
To do so, select the targets -> Right-click -> Robot linked -> Select the right robot. 
The same might be needed for the programs. 

Hope it helps. 
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