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Import comment from gcode onto robodk

    I'm 3D printing a pipe using a motoman robot and for this process, I'm using a 5-axis slicer. The slicer generates G-codes with comments such as LASER_ON and LASER_OF during extrusions. When I import the gcode to robodk, the comments are removed from the main program. 

How can I pass the comments from the gcode to the main program in Robodk? Is it possible? 

I have also added the screenshot of the G-code to this thread. Any help regarding this, would be much appreciated :)

with regards,

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It is possible to pass custom commands such as M codes, trigger program calls or insert custom code.

In you case you can simply replace the Laser on and laser off lines by the following:
This will trigger the corresponding program calls.

More information here about customizing G-code and APT:

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