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Import of an curve from FreeCAD for path planning PROBLEM

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I uploaded four attachments where you can first see a part with a drilled hole (STP File: test_component).
I created a point cloud in FreeCAD (after severel steps before) which is following the strucutre of the part in ZigZag (picture shows point cloud in Cloud Compare: testpath_pointcurve_CloudCompare). 

When I import it as a curve there are always random relations between the curves (black lines in the picture: imported_testpath_pointcurve_RoboDK). But there only should be curves where the points were. As a result it is impossible to generate and test a path because of the random relations inbetween. The robot does not follow the path that I defined him in FreeCAD.
In addition when I import points into RoboDK the black lines appear when I try to run the patch in the "Point Tracking Project". The path is not following my defined points in order. Instead it jumps between the lines. 

What could solve this problem? Is it just a setting that I am missing or something else?

Last question:

The last picture (imported_testpath_pointcurve_normalvectors_RoboDK) shows the normals from the imported points and as a result the point curve. I want that the normals are always orthogonal to the surface. That means in the hole the normals should point in different directions but always orthogonal to the surface they are crossing. The roboter should follow the surface for a optimal result in my experiment. 

Thank you for any information and help. 

Feel free to ask further questions.

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Did you try exporting the curve with the 3D model?
If the curve is also exported as a feature, RoboDK will calculate the surface normals and it will use parametric calculations to calculate normals properly.

You could also take a look at this script to calculate curve normals to a surface in RoboDK:

Could you share your FreeCAD 3D model (FCStd file) and exported STEP file?
Our team looked into FreeCAD and we considered having a plugin for FreeCAD.
No, i export the pointcloud as an .asc and transform it into a .txt with deleting the first lines in the .txt

I have not figured out if there is any other option due to the file format which only can be imported in RoboDK. Either way i import it as a curve or points. Then I, depending how I imported the points, run the curve tracking project or point tracking project. 

And then there are these weird lines. I want to find an easier way to find a path from my work and points I did in FreeCAD?!

Thank you for the hints, I will have a look at them and try on.

I attached the files you requested in the zip in the file format you requested.

Thank you and a Plugin would be nice in my opinion, depending on the features.

Attached Files
.stp   testcomponent.stp (Size: 10.82 KB / Downloads: 180)
.step   exportedfreecadfile.step (Size: 107.93 KB / Downloads: 189)
.zip (Size: 99.4 KB / Downloads: 189)

i am still working on solving my problem. 

Is there any progress on solving the problem due to a plugin or something simular?!

I would really help. 

Thank you.

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