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Import points from Inventor

Hi I am unable to import points from Inventor.
Importing curves works fine.

I choose the point and the surface and then click OK and nothing in RoboDK happens.

Any help? 

I am very close to finish the job.

to be more specific, I am trying to import point, that is on the curve, that is easy to import. So there should be no problem with the geometry.
I am able to import point that is on the edge of 2 surfaces. I click point, then 1st surface, then 2nd surface, then OK.
The point appears in ROBODK!!

What I need is, that I select point, then a surface where the point lies, then OK.
another update. I am able to import points, that are on the edge of the surface to which it is normal (1)

I am NOT able to import point, that is somewhere in the middle of the surface (2 f.e.)

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Hi Venari,

Thank you for your feedback.

Can you provide the 3D model (Autodesk Inventor file)?


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