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Imported 3d Objects Palletizing

Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble dealing with 3d imported objects and the palletizing plugin.
When I displace the mesh on the pallet through the plugin gui, sometimes my object becomes red even though it is seemingly reachable.
The other issue I have is that, after having generated the program, the robot drops the object out of the pallet, in a different place from the one I chose.
I'm wondering if the object must have some kind of specific requirement I'm missing.

If I use the "Create Object" tab instead of the "Select Model Object" one it works fine.

Do you have any advice on how I can fix that?

When your adjusting the position of objects in robodk, make sure you adjust the objects position and not the geometry position, if you do use the geometry position you can use the button "Apply Move" for the change to be embedded in the geometry, otherwise some features related to the object geometry will not work correctly, among which is the palletzing feature, if you can provide a station or example of some kind I'll be able to provide more specific fixes

Hi Philip!
I don't think I'm messing around with geometry pose since I'm changing the position through the "Object Position with Respect to [frame]" tab.
Anyway, i'm providing you a simple palletizing project so you can take a look.
Thanks for the help!

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Please send me your simple palletizing project. I help you find the cause and solve the problem.
Hello, we've made some improvements but if the object import is struggling to give good results you can always manually input the boxes dimensions

Here's a sample project that used the palletizing plugin

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