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Imported 3d Objects Palletizing

Hi everyone, I'm having some trouble dealing with 3d imported objects and the palletizing plugin.
When I displace the mesh on the pallet through the plugin gui, sometimes my object becomes red even though it is seemingly reachable.
The other issue I have is that, after having generated the program, the robot drops the object out of the pallet, in a different place from the one I chose.
I'm wondering if the object must have some kind of specific requirement I'm missing.

If I use the "Create Object" tab instead of the "Select Model Object" one it works fine.

Do you have any advice on how I can fix that? I attach a simple example if it can help you figure it out.

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.rdk   Palletizing Simulation Forum.rdk (Size: 5.06 MB / Downloads: 236)
Hi there, news?
Sorry for the delays. @Phillip can help you better next week as he is currently on vacation.
Hi, any update?
Did you make sure that under more options the objects geometry is applied and that the numbers under Move Geometry section of the objects parameters are 0? Not doing this breaks some features that rely on object position in robodk.

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Yes, I checked it and it seems correct to me. If you have other clues please let me know.
By chance, is there a way to fill the box x, y and z sizes in the "Create Object" tab through the API?
Hello, currently the parameters of the plugin are saved in the item via a binary format in the item, you can technically retrieve that data via the api and modify it, but binary formats are inherently undocumented and hard to understand. My intention was always to redo that format and replace it with a json string so that people could easily modify and set any parameter and even future parameters via the api, it just wasn't a priority.

Because of your request we've pushed up that tasks priority and I should get to in the next two weeks.
That's great news! Thank you Phillip
Hi! I just saw in the release notes of the latest RoboDK version that the palletizing plugin was updated... Has it something to do with this thread? If so, is there some doc available?

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