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Importing Cad Files with Colour

Hey, I'm trying to import some cad files that have colour. I've tried converting them to most of the file types that RoboDK supports but they do not have colour.

Is there a setting or something that I need to change to get the colours to load? The tooling I'm working with is very detailed and the colours would make the work much easier.

Hi Andrew_AS,

"Tools"->"Change color"->"Select your object".
If you see colors in the little squares, it means your 3D model has indeed colors in it.
There's sometimes a surface that appears on top of the surface depending on which CAD software you use.
It's either miss interpret texture/material or an added layer for the assembly model.

You should find in the little square a gray one with more polygons (the number in the middle of the square).
Click on it and reduce the alpha channel to 0. If the colors appear, you just found the faulty layer.
You can right-click on the square and "delete mesh".

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Fantastic. Thank you.

I found that on one of the file formats we were using, and I found DAEs import with colour without issue.
Sometimes, I use this way , attached video as below:

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