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Importing G code into RoboDK

Hi, I'm having trouble importing a simple G code that I wrote in notepad. No matter where I look I can't find any information on how to do it. When I have tried to open my .txt file in RoboDK it says "No points found". I have also tried to change the file extension to .gcode and .nc, but had no luck.

I also have no experience or knowledge in coding, any  help would be appreciated.

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.txt   PCB_Coordinates.txt.txt (Size: 1.26 KB / Downloads: 376)
Have you tried it without the ; at the end of each line?
Thank you for the help but I figured it out. Turns out that I had to first create a point follow project before I could import the G code.
It's because RoboDK does not recognize a .txt file as a potential GCode file.

For RDK, .txt files are either "points" or "curves" for the Point Follow Project and the Curve Follow Project.

If you want RoboDK to automatically recognize your file, rename it .gcode or .nc, it should then work.

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