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Improvement of welding trajectories and parametrod

I have a couple of problems, when trying to generate more than two paths with the auto setup only take the first one, as I show in the screenshots

I made the modifications of the configurations that were suggested to me, but on occasion I acted in an unexpected way with unnecessary movements of the joints and stopping the turntable

How could you declare a rotational basis? the base and tool that are generated in the programming are not adequate and the physical robot moves differently to the simulation

sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for the support


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Hi Cesar,

Did you properly set the axis limits of the turntable? Make sure the controller limits, the physical limits and the limits setup in RoboDK match.

You can just double click the joint limit labels of your robot panel to update them.

It may help if you can provide the RDK file and tell us where the robot stops.

Hi Albert

I think that the sense of the axes influences the error with the physical robot, how can I match the axes of the physical robot and those of RBDK.


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