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Incorrect tool orientation (TCP) for machining


i have problem with the orientation of the tool.
i was simulating motoman SIA 10D (DX100) with teknometer C31/40-C and i went fine. and i changed the tool to my spindle, but,i don't know why, the orientation of my spindle is wrong. i attach the pictures here. what should i do? do you have any idea?

Thank you

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Where did you get the machining program from?

Can you send us the APT or Gcode file you imported and the RoboDK project file?
Hello Albert,

i got the CAM from fusion. i made a CAM from fusion and after that i import it the object and the CAM to RoboDK.
i send the project and the APT here.

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.rdk   robot_spindeTekno_alas.rdk (Size: 2.02 MB / Downloads: 16)
.apt   1001.apt (Size: 243.42 KB / Downloads: 18)
You should define the Z axis of your robot tool (TCP) pointing along the cutting axis of your spindle. You should be able to do this easily with the Program-Teach targets on surface feature in RoboDK. Make sure to select the Add Tool option. 

See the attached image.

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.rdk   robot_spindeTekno_alas-v2.rdk (Size: 2.02 MB / Downloads: 23)

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