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Input/Output vs Servo Drive for controlling extra axis

Hi all,

We are looking to implement an extrusion head to our IRB6600 with S4C Plus controller. We have room for an extra servo drive but also have extra room on the input/output card so we can control the servo motor either way theoretically. I am wondering though, what is the better implementation with Robodk servo drive or i/o? 

That's a good question... What kind of signal your extrusion head is expecting?

No matter what you choose it shouldn't be hard to take inflow data from the slicer to something usable for the controller.

There're a few good threads on the subject on the forum.

Running a search around "Extrude" should help you find them.

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We have not purchased the motors or gearboxes yet so we are flexible in that sense. A rough plan was to use a combination of a flow sensor to feed information back to the system and a VSD to control the servo or stepper motor. Mostly done by digital signals but expect we might need some analogue signal somewhere. By the looks of it we only need to assign the variables that robodk generates for extrusion to set a feed rate, which for us is really the turning of our auger. As we have another system that controls the feed rate from the pump.

Is all of this on the right track?

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