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Insert instruction code not sent in Run On Robot mode
I'm sorry I never got back to this thread. It is currently not possible to send custom script code using the Instruction command.

On the other hand, you can send a program "ID" to your robot and customize the driver. Similar to this type of operation:
The method works with the generation of program trough the post processor.

But is there a solution to send an ID program to the apiur( bin file) during the runonrobot mode ?
Yes, this is possible, you should be able to send a program ID that you'll receive in the driver script. However, you should customize your driver script. 

More specifically, you should customize the MSG_RUNPROG section of the UR side of the driver given the number of the program name:

       elif mtype == MSG_RUNPROG:
         prog_num = socket_read_binary_integer(1)
         prog_name = socket_read_string()
         if prog_num == 1:
         elif prog_num == 2:

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