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Integrate the Phyton Code into a robot program


Can anyone tell me how to integrate the Phyton Code into a robot program within the RoboDK environment.

Thanks and best regards.

Just to clarify, you created a Python script and you would like to launch it at a certain point in your RoboDK program?

If it's the case, make sure it's part of your RDK station (in your station tree) then in your RoboDK program, add a program call to that Python script.


We have no particular problem with this. The problem arises when we want to generate a program for a real robot controller (Generate Robot Program - F6). The SCRIPT file does not include Phyton content. We want to integrate the contents of a Python file into a robot program that will run on a real robot controller.

Thanks and best regards!

Hi Mitja, 

I'm new to the RoboDK and having the same question as yours, I was wondering did you solve this problem?
Can you elaborate more on what you are trying to do? Most robot controllers don't support Python. Our Python API translates robot commands to robot programs compatible with your robot controller.

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