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Intellisense Does not work properly

Hello. I do have some problem using the intellisense on the RoboDk and Robolink Library both on VisualStudioCode and Vs Codium.
As it can be seen the intellisense work on sys and all the other library but on RoboDk and Robolink (if execute it work fine)
Do i miss something?
Regard Stefano
Hi Stefano,

There is a workaround to make this work:
  • Select Manage (icon at the bottom left) - Settings
  • Type python.autocomplete.extrapaths
  • Select "Edit in settings.json"
  • Add the following code
   "python.autoComplete.extraPaths": [

This will make the intellisense engine use that path. When you change the setting it works right away, but if you restart the editor it does not work anymore. So every time you start the editor you should follow these steps to see it:
  • In the Python file, right click the robolink text in the are where you define "from robolink import *"
  • Select Go to definition (F12)
  • Run the module (F5), or provoke the intellisense to load the module by just moving your cursor over a variable
You should now have intellisense in RoboDK

This is probably a feature that will probably be improved in a future version of VSCode and this workaround won't be needed. 

Another option is to drop the and files in your work directory (same directory as your file).


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