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Interrupt movement between points (KUKA)


In our project, we are using the KUKA KR10 R1100-2 manipulator (KR C4 compact controls). Due to the requirement of random target points, the online operation mode of RoboDK seems to be a suitable solution.
We have successfully tested the Python-API to generate points in real-time and command manipulator to reach them via provided robot drivers.

There is only one issue. We need a command in Python-API which is able to instantly stop the manipulator.
For example: the manipulator is executing the command to reach Target-A (from the current position it takes 2 sec to reach Target-A); after 1 sec from the begging of motion to Target-A, the stop command is issued from RoboDK; the manipulator stops instantly (Target-A point is not reached).

In order to execute the described behavior we have tested several Python functions: Pause(), Stop(), Disconnect(), Finish(). Neither of them is able to interrupt KUKA motion in online operation mode.

Applying SearchL() function could lead to the desired result but unfortunately, SearchL() is not implemented in RoboDK (post-processor, online driver) for our manipulator.

Could you please suggest how can we solve this issue?

Thank you
Hi Andrei

We just added probing support to KUKA KRC robot controllers. You should take the latest version of RoboDK published today (Windows 64 bit).

You should also use the latest version of the KUKA driver attached (SRC file) and properly configure the digital input linked to the probe in the first line.

Please note this feature has not been tested on KUKA, let me know if you have any issues.


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