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Inventor 2021 Plug-in

I was using inventor 2020, and recenly we started using Inventor 2021. The problem here is that the plug-in was working fine in 2020, but isn't even showing up in 2021, could this be because i have still 2020 on my computer, entough I am not using it anymore? or could the Plug-in be outdated?

thanks in advance for your response
Did you try manually installing the plugin as explained in this section?

If so, what issues did you have?
I followed the manual exactly, but the RoboDK tab doesn't show in Inventor 2021, It however is pressent in Inventor 2020, but it already was, so the problem is, that i can't install it in Inventor 2021 (and i don't know if this is caused by also using Inventor 2020).
Hi Vincent,

Can you make sure that the RoboDKInventorAddIn.dll is placed in this folder:
Autodesk\Inventor 2021\Bin


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