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Is it possble to create an auxiliary axis?


I would want to create an auxiliary axis for a fanuc robot.

Is it possible to make this?

Best regards
Yes it is possible. In the menu "Utilities->Add mechanism or robot" you can create new external axes, robots or tools. Each robot link should be in a separate file (see image attached). STEP, IGES and STL files work best.


Trick: You can enter in developer mode by selecting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D and right click any mechanism or robot of our library to see how they are built, and modify them if you whish (right click, then, select "Modify robot", as shown in the image).

This video shows how to build a 6-axis industrial robot:

This video shows how to build a 3-axis Cartesian/gantry robot (Gudel FP-6-300) and how to synch it with a 6-axis robot. The last simulation with the Comau robot is available in the library when you install RoboDK:
thank you for the explanations

And RoboDK know the coordinate motion of Fanuc robot?
Yes, the RoboDK simulator uses the appropriate kinematics for each robot brand, including Fanuc robots.

The following video shows the kinematics of the Fanuc M710iC robot in RoboDK. The kinematics in RoboDK match the kinematics of the robot, including the position of the end effector, the position of the base reference frame and the sense of movement of the axes. For example, Fanuc robots move joint 3 when joint 2 is moved. This behavior is specific to Fanuc robots.


is there a way to customize the robot behaviour (for example changing the joints motion relationships)? Maybe through the
Robot --> Parameters --> Robot Joint Behaviour --> "Other" ? Is there any example of this?

Thank you

Yes. You can select "CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D" to enter in developer mode.
Then, you can right click a robot and select "Modify robot".
Doing so you will be able to invert the robot axes and update the robot kinematics, among other things.
Dear RoboDK staff,

Thank you for your answer. I've already tried with the developer mode --> Modify Robot, but I found no way to modify (or customize), in particular, the Robot Joint Behaviour (for example, I would like the tool frame to keep the same orientation with respect to the Robot Base during any motion of the joints).

Are tasks like these available for the user?

Thank you

I would like to model a custom-made gantry system in RoboDk (see the attached image). It's a gantry system equipped with 4 independent linear actuators at the top of the robot that go up and down as shown in the attached image. 
After importing the stp files, in the BuildMechanism GUI menu, I cannot assign more than 3 joints. Therefore, 3 out of my 4 actuators cannot be modeled directly using the build mechanism menu. So, to include the remaining 3 actuators, what should I do? 
I already tried to modify Buildmechansim function in as per attachment but I cannot see any changes? I would like to physically see all my linear actuators on the robots. At the moment, only one actuator can be modeled. Any idea what's the easiest way to add the other three actuators this this robot?

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Hi there,

You could create 3 linear axes and attach them at the right position on your gantry.
It can even be more convenient to create a gantry with only 2 axes and then create the 4 linear axes attached to the "flange" of the gantry.

Let me know if it helps.

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