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Is license transferable


Is it possible to use RoboDK with one professional license on multiple PCs on the same local network?
If no, would it be possible to remove it from one and install the license on another one?
Hi there,

Standard RoboDK licenses are network license.
You can install them on as many internet-connected computer as you want, but it will only be available for one computer at the time.

Have a great day.
Thanks Jeremy,

I need to run RoboDK on an off-line PC sometimes. That wont work?
Hi there,

If you need to use an offline PC, it's possible to buy a RDK dongle, but it also means that you will have to transfer the dongle form one computer to the other every time someone else wants to use the license.
You can write an email at if you want to purchase the dongle.

Have a great day.

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