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Is there a way to collaborate between several users?

we have 2 RoboDk licenses and 2 people working on the same project. 
the project is quite big and need (at least) 2 people working simultaneously. 
what's your recommendation on collaboration on the same project? 
we are managing the project on git, but its just for the file itself and we cant mange or see any conflicts at all.
for now we save the station under another name and copy paste everything that changed.
the problem is that all the links are getting broken.

Thanks in advance!
You can bundle 2 or more separate RoboDK projects as one project by following these steps:
  1. Right click the root of the station
  2. Select Add Item...
  3. Select one or more RDK project files and select Open
This solution keeps all the internal links intact and you'll be ready to run one or multiple programs on the same new bundled station. This is how we built some big examples we use to demonstrate Virtual Reality.

You can contact us by email if you nee more help in this regard. It is also possible to do this via the API as well.

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