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Issue When Transferring RoboDK Program to Yaskawa Motoman GP8 Robot


I am trying to transfer a program wirelessly created on RoboDK based on a Yaskawa Motoman GP8 Robot onto the physical robot. However, when following the process shown in the video for the Omron TM Cobot, I have found an issue. At one stage you click the command button on the connect robot panel. But when I try to connect my robot, I do not have the command button as shown in your video.

Is this because I am trying to connect to a Yaskawa Motoman GP8 Robot? Is it a different process required to transfer the simulation onto the Yaskawa Motoman GP8 Robot than what has been carried out in your video?

The version of RoboDK I am using is RoboDK v5.4.1.


After looking at the Yaskawa Motoman section of the RoboDK website the images of connecting don’t show a command button. But it does show a Move Linear button, which doesn’t appear when I try to connect.

The messages that appear when I click connect start saying “Working”, then changes to “Robot took too long sending again” and then ends up saying “Connection Problem.”
When looking at the RoboDK page about Yaskawa Motoman robots, it lists the controllers that this should work with. However the controller I am using is a YRC1000, which isn’t in the list.

Any thoughts?
There are 2 ways to run programs on your robots:
  1. Offline programming: you can create a program (JBI file for Yaskawa/Motoman robots) and send it to the robot. Sending the program can be done automatically via FTP. This is the default behavior when you use the send program to robot option in RoboDK. Make sure you properly setup the correct IP username and password if you want to transfer the programs to the robot.
  2. Online Programming (using the driver): you can connect to the robot when it is set to Remote mode (switch in the teach pendant). You can then move the robot. This is not recommended for production purposes as you need the computer connected to the robot to make the robot move.

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