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Issue between real life and simulation

Good day, 

I programed a pick and place application using the robot arm I am using for my project (Meca500 from Mecademic).
I start by a moveJoints to an approach position, followed by a linear move up to the picking position. 
It works fine on the simulation software without any error message but when I tried it with my robot (using the code generated by the software), I got an error message because of singularities. 

Is roboDK not supposed to predict the singularities of the robot? 
Why do I have differente behaviour from my simulation to the real project? 

Thank you for your help.
Not every robot brands have the same tolerances with singularities.

RoboDK can solve the IK inside a singularity because it is a simulation, but in real life your controller will stop the robot before going there. 

However, RoboDK can predict singularities given the correct tolerances.
You can modify the singularity tolerances in RoboDK in Tools->Options->Motion (see picture) to match your Mecademic robot behavior.

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Hi Olivier,
Thank you for your answer.

My program is now working; it wasn't a problem with singularity but when I generated the python code via the software, I didn't realised the reference frame wasn't the same for MoveLin.
I now updated the moveLin with the robot base reference frame instead of my plate and it's now working.

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