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Issue in controlling Real robot(Motoman-GP7) using RoboDK API

Hello Dear,
I have been using RoboDK for more than a month, so far I'm very happy with using this simulation tool except for controlling my Motoman GP7 real Robot from RoboDK using Motoman HSE API protocol. By keeping the default Simulation time Ratio and customized Robot speed range between 100-1000 mm/s, I have observed that the Real Robot motion was very slow. Therefore, I tried to tune the Simulation time Ratio from 0.506 to 100 and I saw some changes in the Real control but a very weird motion response from the Robot. Then, again I reverted back to my previous value and kept the Robot speed range between 100-300 mm/s, was expecting my Robot would move slowly at that time but it was moving too fast. Now, whatever value I tune, the robot is moving too fast, I really got confused about how to fix this issue. Please suggest to me what parameters I need to tune to resolve this issue. 

I am attaching my RoboDK program file for your reference. Please find the attachment here.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.



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