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Issue with Invalid Commands (GETDI and MOVESERACHL) on Doosan H2515

Hello RoboDK community,
I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently facing an issue with my Doosan H2515 robot while using the online programming feature in RoboDK. Specifically, I have encountered problems with two commands: "robot.SearchL" and "robot.getDI".
Whenever I attempt to use these commands in my online programming tasks, I receive error messages indicating that they are invalid:
  1. Invalid command: GETDI
  2. Invalid command: MOVLSEARCH
I have confirmed that my robot model is indeed the Doosan H2515, and I am running the latest version of RoboDK software. However, despite checking the syntax and ensuring that there are no typographical errors, these commands still fail to execute successfully during online programming.
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone in the community could shed some light on this issue. Is there any known compatibility issue or limitation with these commands specifically for the Doosan H2515 robot? Are there any workarounds or alternative approaches that I can try while this issue is being resolved?
Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I am looking forward to hearing your insights and suggestions.
Are you using the latest version of RoboDK?

It is better if you contact us by email at so we can better help you.
Yes, I'm using 5.6.1 version.
I have written e-mail. I think you should be in CC too.
Perfect, @Phillip should be following up with you next week.

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