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Item detection inconsistent behavior

When using the SearchL() method or any function that loops checking an objects position e.g. Conveyor WaitForPart() from the Conveyor simulation example the relationship between where the object is when it is detected is not consistent.

This typically causes issues down stream when say palletizing the parts they are not pitched correctly or consistently.

This behavior can also be observed in the Camera simulation example where the boxes on the output pallet aren't consistently pitched.

How can this be resolved to ensure things remain well aligned and consistent?

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If you simulate at high speed you'll see a non repeatable behavior. How fast you can simulate while keeping the simulation consistent will depend on the performance of your computer.

Also, I recommend you to use MoveL and not SearchL for a pick and place operation. SearchL is meant to check a digital input and stop the motion. On the other hand, you way want to implement a waitDI to wait for a signal.

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