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Java version of RoboDK API


is there a Java version of the RoboDK API available? I think porting the C# version to Java wouldn't be too difficult, bu maybe someone already has done the job?

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I'll ask to make sure, but I don't think we have one in the process right now.
We added C earlier this year, but I don't think we started any new one after that.
If you start working on it and have some questions, let us know. I don't think we have the time to do it, but we certainly have the time to give you a hand if you need a Java version.

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We started a Javascript version of the RoboDK API, based on Websockets. This is only developed and used for internal purposes at the moment.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you are planning to do?
I'm trying to add targets and motions to RoboDK programmatically. The C# API is perfectly suited for that purpose and works very well, however in other projects I'm heavlily using Java, and therefore Java simply would be more convenient. I think I'll have to ponder on whether to put in the (one time) effort of porting the API from C# to Java, or sticking with C# for the project.

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