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Jetson (arm64) not supported?

This blog post mentions that RoboDK supports NVidia Jetson:

But the Raspberry Pi edition on the downloads page seems to be for 32-bit ARM, while almost all Jetsons are exclusively 64-bit.

Are Jetsons actually supported?
You can download RoboDK for the Nvidia Jetson here (64 bit):

I tested installing RoboDK for the Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB last week, using the latest official image from Nvidia and I did not have any issues.

On the other hand, the RoboDK installer for the Raspberry Pi is for the official 32 bit Raspbian image. For your information, I was unable to successfully run RoboDK last week on the Raspberry Pi with the latest version of Raspbian 32 bit (I was testing it on a Raspberry Pi 3B+). I believe something changed regarding graphic card drivers. We are planning to fix this issue.

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