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Jogging quick keys

Fanuc RoboGuide, and ABBs RobotStudio both have quick keys for jogging axis 1-6/XYZWPR depending on the orientation currently selected. There is also a quick key to select the orientation you wish to job in (Tool, base, reference, joint).

I personally utilize those keys in RoboGuide often when doing simulation work. Is this something that can be added to RoboDK? All those functions exist, just without a key linked to it. The scroll wheel is somewhat clumsy and not overly accurate. 

Also, having a jog speed control/incremental control would be advantageous as well. It is not always advantageous to use the scroll wheel or drag the TCP when teaching in some fixtures.

Hi Andrew,

Are you familiar with the robot pilot plugin?

You can follow these steps to try it:
  1. Select Tools-Plug-Ins
  2. Double click robot pilot (make sure it is green/active)
  3. Select Tools-Robot pilot
You'll see a robot panel where you can move by increments.

Also with a custom RoboDK App it is very easy to customize the behavior of RoboDK and link certain actions to keyboard shortcuts. Let us know if you need help customizing this.
I was not aware of the robot pilot plugin. That is what I was looking for. I will need to play around with the App to add the quick keys I want, but I think that should suffice.

Thank you.

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