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Joining imported curves


Recently I have been creating curvefollow projects using curves I have imported from solidworks. These curves imported from solidworks are all individual and when selecting multiple sometimes there are identical points generated in robodk. I am not sure if this is a feature already but it would be great to be able to join curves together (I know there is a way to split them) inside RDK.


You can easily join 2 curves by selecting them in the tree, right clicking them and clicking on merge. 

If they are not visible in the tree, it might be cause they are inside an object. You can split the object and the curves will be visible in the tree now. You can then merge the solids back into the object.
Hi Evan,

I'm aware of this problem and there is no easy workaround, unfortunately. But there is a manual way to work around that.
How many points are we talking about?
Can you provide a print screen?
On another note, points that are "one on top of the other" won't be post-processed for the real program.

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